X1 crashes + Kinect shows 3 hands

I started to play on x1 a couple days ago. I have these problems since I purchased the console. Fortunately I haven’t got any problems (yet, thank god) with my Forza5 (downloaded version).

My problems are with Games/Demos (same results are with&without Kinect):

- Call of Duty Ghosts (retail disc version): the disc reading is ok, the game is installed on the hdd, the upgrade is downloaded. Game is launching, after the intro freezing on black screen, after a couple second it crashes (or stay freezing for minutes until I turn off)

- Dead Rising 3: demo is launching, but when I started the mission: 1st try went to Dashboard, 2nd try the mission started and after 10sec X1 was frozen (and no more try allowed in this demo)

- 2K14: demo is launching, but when the match starting, the screen freezing (I see only the name of the 2 teams) but the sound of the game is continuing (the narrator speaking and commenting the events, but I see only the black screen with the teamnames). After 1 minute I get an other frozen picture on the TV screen, another 1 minute the X1 is freezing.

- Kinect Sport Rivals: demo is launching, but when I’m starting the challenge, after the orange screen, my X1 is freezing completely.

My problem is with Kinect:

- X1 says everything is OK with the Kinect, the signing in process working through Kinect

- At the beginning in Kinect Sport Rivals there is a gesture tutorial. I started it, I lift my hand, but on the screen appeared not just my 1 hand, but three. My "real" hand is in the middle, and the two others on the left-right side of the screen. I can't even "push" any button with my "hand" on the screen, because any hands on the screen can't stay still (3 hands on the screen and changes constantly the active one)

- I am familiar with Kinect1, so tried out everything: unplug, more/less lightning, daylight or powered light, higher/lower/tilt the sensor, another room...

- Maybe worth to mention too that in the Settings/Kinect picture, my gamertag „blinking” after my head… I guess normaly its just there…

- Xbox Fitness: the games is launching and starting without any issues, but in the top right corner I see the shadow of my body and nothing else (I saw videos on youtube how it should be work, but I can jump/move etc. none of my bodyparts show active… the whole body stays inactive (grey shadow) no matter how hard I exercise).

What I tried so far:

- Clearing the cache, I did it several times, doesn’t help

- I’m not using the „Instant on” features

- I tried to solve my problem on my own, using another TV, another hdmi cable (also in another room) etc.

- I am launching the Games/Demos right after X1 started.


I made 2 short videos about the above mentioned problems (Kinect & freezing with scary sound from x1). Is it allowed to publish them (insert links) here?


Should I send the whole x1 package to repair/replace or…?

Thanks for any help.


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