X1 controller

Has anybody else got there x1 controller yet . I got my second controller yesterday and it is amazing .

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my game shops still don't have it, But I have tried them and they are amaing

Waiting on the one with the play and charge kit included.

congrats!I did get my play n charge kit.

I got play and charge kit with controller from Gamestop today.  The controller feels excellent.  Well done Microsoft.  Didn't think they could improve upon the 360 controller and they did.

I got the controller yesterday and man is it just a big tease! But, to be real, it is just a fantastic controller and MS did a great job with upgrading from the 360 to the One. I will probably go out tomorrow and see if my GS has the plug and plays I preordered as well.

Checked at the same store I pre-ordered my Xbox One yesterday and they had no accessories available yet. Still debating if I want to just get the charge kit or get the controller & charge it bundle.

I didn't buy mine yet, but I got to use it at the Microsoft store display.  Feels soooo nice.

I got my controller from GameStop yesterday. I haven't even opened it yet because I know I can't do anything with it! It is a big tease! I want to use it! lol The gameStop had a display of Xbox One but you could tell it was fake. It was like a half console glued to the display. LOL Can't wait now!

Called Gamestop, he said they have one controller/play and charge kit combo that came in today and it is for a reservation. He checked and it is mine. :)

I got one yesterday.  My early worries, albeit minor, after holding it briefly at a tour event, are gone.  It feels awesome to hold.  I have now held both new gen controllers and the Xbox controller still reigns supreme.