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Amazon had a heck of a deal on a 49" 4K LED tv I could not pass up. I know there is very limited 4K content broad cast right now but I did upgrade my Netflix to the Ulta HD package. Now will I get the 4K through my X1 Netflix of will I have to watch via my Netflix on the TV to get the ultra HD???r


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Everything on your console will more than likely be up-scaled, if anything, via your TV, so I would recommend your 2nd suggestions and simply watch it through your Smart TV features to gain the full benefit (as I'm not entirely sure that the console supports the "ultra-HD" function that Netflix offers).

Uhd only works on the tvs app you can also watch 4k content on youtube

Yeah, I'd have to agree with GG about using your tv's own features.

We got a UHD tv a few months back and tbh, I haven't had to use a seperate box for viewing UHD shows yet. The tv does a fine job on its own.

I got bt sport in 4k picture is amazing just to wait for a few more months and 4k blu rays and players are supposed to be releasing early 2016

I'm still holding out hope that they'll flip the switch and allow the Xbox One to stream 4K from Netflix and Amazon.  Major Nelson already confirmed that it is 4K ready, it just needs to be activated. As I would prefer to use the xbox interface rather than my smart TV to stream 4K, especially since it would require further hookups for audio for me.

As someone who recently bought a 4K TV I can confirm they are all correct.  You are going to get the best quality if you go through the apps on the tv itself.

My TV Netflix app will show the Ultra HD movies/shows, where going through my X1 will not.


What a difference though! Even the response of the controller seems faster than before? Weird...  my first couple games of free for all were interesting... lol...