X-Box Repair Procedure.


My X-Box is with Microsofts repair centre.

How will they advise me what day my 'repaired' x-box is going to be shipped back to me ?

Do they include a report with the console stating what type of repair was carried out ?



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You can check the status of your repair on this page here. They don't include a report on the work done on your console when they ship it back.

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It's not likely that you will get your original console back. They usually ship another one that has already been repaired to save time.

If thats occurs then I best be getting a console that was aesthetically in good as condition as the one I sent off to them !

You may or may not. Mine was in pristine condition, but the ones I received back were definitely not as good. I had to send a couple back because there were issues with them, and they eventually sent me a brand new one since I had so many problems. That was a few years ago though, so hopefully you'll have better luck.

They should replace yours with a new one if they can't fix whatever is wrong with your old one. And the new ones usually work just fine...

They will replace the inside if needed but you will get the rest back.

That´s what they do most times.

Usually they make it look like new so most people think it is a new one ;)