WWE Network Launches....

On all consoles past and present EXCEPT the XBOX ONE. WHY?.. Not that I particularly care for this myself, but my kids do. Why am I always having to try to explain to them and justify to myself why this next gen system doesn't do what the 360 has and is continuing to get.  I love my X1, but this stuff is getting ridiculous.  Here is info on the new network for those that care for the 360


We all need to shout from the roof tops on why we are ticked off and tell MS that this is not acceptable any longer. 


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It will be available for the Xbox One in the Summer 2014 they stated. Not sure why either except they do not have the app available right now.

@Dwoop, yes I am aware its coming summer, but why not now?.. Its just another situation why Xbox One is being left behind, trying to play catch up to past and present technologies. I get the early adopter stuff, believe me, after many successful years of the 360, things in there X1 should have been staples in its design,,, There are just no more excuses any longer that are acceptable IMO. I have a hard time and increasingly so defending what can't defend itself. Its tough for me to even have an issue if you will, I have and continue to be a MS fan to the core, but it is getting tougher and tougher to do so. I digress!!!

Not just the apps, because I am interested in the WWE Network app, but arcade games (we already invested money in) not being released or re-released that are compatible with the Xbox One. Take The Walking Dead Season 2 for instance, it is not available, nor is any other arcade games. It's bad enough Microsoft is already pinching us to have to be a gold member to use apps and services that are free to use on every other platform. I agree with Meat that X1 is falling behind and we, the consumer, are suffering...