WTF this is the 5th time i have been kicked to the home screen?

I will be playing a game and then out of no were the system goes back to the home screen and the game resets and this sucks because you lose every thing and then have to reboot the game this has. even happened when I was dressing my avatar any one know is this a problem others are having


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I've had that happen several times so far. Mostly while playing bf4 online. I have also had xbox music app pop up on its own a few times. I've been kinda blowing off whatever issues since it's new. My main complaint has been the eject button taking several attempts to recognize that I am hitting it.

The only game I have at the moment for my Xbox One is Battlefield 4 and I have been kicked to the Xbox Home screen about 10 times as well since last Monday. It happens randomly while playing the story or in the middle of a Multiplayer match, but so far, I have not lost any save progress. It may just be a matter of time...

Being new I guess it's to be expected so I'm not stressing too much over it, but it can be annoying at times.

Everyone that plays B4 has experienced the boot between maps (maybe even once a day), but it's not a big deal.  Start the game and join another room, it's not the end of the world people.

Yeah this only happens to me on BF4. Ghosts, AC4 and DR3 are fine.

it has only happened to me on lococycle , my avatar page and dead rising 3 ,

Nba 2K14 crashes eveytime when my XBone ts connected to the Internet! When i put out the Network Cable it runs fine!

Mostly crashes for me when playing conquest 64 player on Battlefield 4, A patch is suppose to be due this week to fix that issue according to the Battelog forums.

XNA is going to be great

Happens to me with Battlefield in occasion as well.