wow this just happened to me

was just playing a game and was team kill for no reason (MW3) so i message him say "why did u team kill me" he goes "[Mod Removed] you and your mum" i go "there no need for that and P.S. mum jokes lol"  he then goes "your mum is going to die"

now i feel very threatened for my family's safety and i want something more done then just reporting him using the xbox live reporting system


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???  Tell you mum.???  

Why do you feel threatened by this?  Does the person know where you Live, play, work, school?   It doesn't sound like he knows your name or you mum's name.  I don't think he was making a mum joke the first time cause its not funny.  He's funny not the joke.  Most people don't ever know what they did to **** someone off.  Some people get very mad for little reason.  When you misspoke about his statement being a joke he got mad as he was not making a joke so he said something to sound less like a joke and more mad.  Now I think you did the right thing reporting him.  But perhaps refrain in the future from sending additional messages unless you can defuse the situation.  If however there is foundation to believe that this person does in fact plan on harming anyone contact the authorities  in your area.

P.S.  People talk a lot of stuff in online games.  There is a reason the ESRB does not rate online play.

JAGG MARK, all you need to do was File a Complaint/ Messages and Block Communications. Every Complaint is looked at and verified by the Xbox LIVE Policy Enforcement Team. They will take the action required. It's the interweebs, learn and live.

Jagg if you feel the threat is credible please contact your local law enforcement.