Would you wear a Pip Boy?

Myself no, but don't you think wearable technology is eventually going to be THE THING?  I'll eventually jump on the bandwagon, but not with what's currently available - google glass/iwatch. :(  Uhh no.

Fallout 4 Pip Boy Edition

Yes it's painfully nerdy!  Yes it's unnecessary and yes your friends will laugh at you!

But don't you kinda want one anyway?  (You put your phone inside it.) 


There is a great app that I've used for years and I love it so much.  It's called PipClock.  Whoever made it did an amazing job.

Also, Bethesda came out with a very polished app a couple weeks ago called Fallout Shelter.  It's only for iphone now, but will be coming out for Android soon.  


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Have mine on order ;-)

I have to admit I'm tempted due to being ridiculously obsessed with Fallout, but my iphone 6 plus is surely way to big for it anyway, sadly! haha  

My Droid Maxx may or may not work but this is the first special edition of any game I have wanted in nearly 5 years. I have 2 of these ordered. (not both for me)

No I wouldn't.

As soon as you open the package it would lose it collectability value.

And do you see yourself wearing this for an entire playthrough?

I could care less about the value. I don't plan to sell it. I don't plan to wear it all the time either. It's just kind of a cool little thing to have if you are a big fan. Really no worse that some of the stuff put out by other publishers.

No as it would look ridiculous and I always look cool. :)

Still got my lunchbox [always wanted to make a mine out of it but never had enough caps] and bobblehead, and I will be using the companion app when Fallout 4 drops, and Fallout Shelter whenever I'm queuing anywhere...

... but I didn't grab the Pip Boy alarm clock/watch when Fallout 3 hit, and I won't be getting this Pip Boy either.

As far as cool stuff though... it is pretty freakin' awesome. Heh.

If I were 10 years old again I would literally be crying to my parents to get me one.  I would cry, beg, offer to do hundreds of chores, cry some more, try to bargain with them, pout, refuse to come out of my room and generally be an impossible brat until my parents gave in.

I'm getting it and I will wear it. Everytime I go outside to have a smoke, I can still mess with my stats and inventory. Will people laugh at me?..... Dont give a crap, they're just jealous of my post apocalyptic being.

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