would you actually invest in a video game?


i felt this was an interesting take on crowd-funding, so with the requirements on a minimum investment of $1,000, and a maximum investment of $10,000, would you do it? share in the success of the next big game that prints money, or wallow in the sorrow of losing your investment?

i think if the right game came along i'd invest, what about you?


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Not I. Too much risk and not enough payout on video games.

Peace, J.R.

That much money no

No thanks, I'll stick to real estate...

Minimum $1,000!?!? No way.

No way unless it was like the next RDR.


makes me wonder though, i mean i highly doubt the return would be anything major, but invest in a few good games and see a steady return for possibly years to come, for me that is tempting.

Tried it once; got the short end of the stick; never again.


I'll stick to just buying the finished product.


Hello everyone  :)


I wouldn't invest in a game's development even if I had to money because the risk is too high, even with extremely popular games.


Have a nice day or afternoon or night everyone  :)


If i invest. money. on a. videogame that means i'm. a. producer.

If. i'm a. producer,things. need to. be. done. (story,gameplay,content).the. way. i. want. (the. only good. way).

And. nobody. wants. that.