Worst Console War Ever !

This is first new generation console launch war I've ever seen that leaves me feeling a little disgusted. One positive thing I have to say is that almost all the negativity and cheap shots are coming from the Sony/Playstation fans side which makes us Microsoft/Xbox fans much better people.

I have a couple of theories about what makes a Playstation fan so ignorant and immature, feel free to disagree as they are still just theories.

1st Theory, Repressed Resentment :

I think that Xbox has clearly and definitively won this current gen of console, Xbox did it better than Playstaion.... We Won.  Now that both next gen consoles have been revealed and Sony wins on paper, the Sony fans got a wiff of implied victory and are coming out in force trying to make up for the loss of the current gen with about 7 years of repressed resentment for Microsoft and starting a hate and slander campaign across the entire internet (lol) disrespecting the Xbox One to extreme's like stalking Xbox's You Tube channel slandering and starting arguments, seriously how many Xbox 360 owners here (besides the one's that own both consoles) are even subscribed to You Tubes Playstation channel little lone are subscribed just for purpose to spread hate, the worst part of course is that  Jack Tretton and his associates continue to take cheap shots at Microsoft in front of the world giving the Sony fan base a reason to think that the ignorant attitude is actually something that is cool and alright. Does that theory resonate with anyone?

2nd Theory, Playstation Social Deficiency :

I suspect that the Playstation Social Societies ability to identify with the gaming community is equivalent that of 8th grade school social where the boys and girls are on opposite sides hall to afraid to approach each other. The lack of Sony's subscription to online gaming hindered their ability to make communications such as Party Chat or even the fact that PS3 did not ship with a headset put most Playstation users in a social deficit when it comes to interacting with other gamer's in a mature fashion. The whole trolling is king attitude of the Playstayion user is tantamount to their inability to even accept a random chat invitation from another gamer little lone actually be able to process or generate a stimulating conversation without becoming a shy little school boy or girl to awkward to talk. They have some serious catching up to do when it comes to behaving like people and talking about games without suffering the immature attitude of an awkward social retard.                         Did that resonate with anyone.

Thanks for listening to rant. 


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Sorry but I think your post proves your second sentence wrong.

Refering to console war slander and not attitudes

What console war, I originally preordered a PS4 in disgust at Microsofts's policies but after their 180's I preordered an Xbox One.

it's not really a war.


A state of armed conflict between different nations or states or different groups within a nation or state."

This is more of 2 pieces of plastic, with current passing through the electronic parts... and 2 different consumers arguing over numbers & drooling over pixels, having nerd-fights.

I think the change of this Generation to the next is one of the worst by far. It's a little of what the OP stated but something far worst and sinister, it's called the Internet. Never before has such a Vocal Minority been given a platform to yell, scream, cry, rant and give verbal abuse to others.

Yes the Internet was around prior but to no degree that the Gaming Community really existed or bothered with it. With all the past Generations it was simply people bought what they wanted. This is still going to be the same this Gen but die-hards are going to be trying their best everyday, day in and day out in regards to discredit anything that opposes their point of view.

For myself, I'm just going to buy what I want and participate in the Communities I choose.

You seem to miss the disgruntled XBox owners in your MS/Sony scenario. I preordered a XB but I'm not at all enthusiastic about it because I see the console HW as below my expectation for a new console generation. Meaning, I don't think I get a good deal and I don't think I'm just a small minority. It has nothing to do with some relative minor or bigger performance delta with a PS4. I care for absolute performance for games I'm looking for with the MS gamepad.

Both systems will be good. I don't think anyone is an idiot for going to ps4. They like what they like, I will play what I like.

Mad fanboy is mad.

Pretty much sums up this thread

Just wanna be able to watch an Xbox video on You Tube without hearing from the PS community.

[quote user="SR50 Saibot"]

Just wanna be able to watch an Xbox video on You Tube without hearing from the PS community


Realistically that isn't going to happen is it?

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