Worst Console (Maybe just COD:AW?) to Date - Change My Mind

I'll admit it - I'm a Microsoft guy. I loved the original Xbox, and MS took it to an entirely new level with the 360. That only boosted my hopes with the XB1's announcement a few years back. Now that I've had it for the last 18 months, I must vent.


Below are my issues. If anyone asked me right now what I thought about the XB1 on a level of 1-10, it'd be about a 3. Wow. A 3!! I will admit that the only game I play is COD:AW, so some of these issues (or all??) may be the game itself and not the console. Chip in - sway me - make me believe that my issues are with the game, or that they're exclusive to just me. I'm begging you.


1. The controller doesn't always turn on the console. It's just weird. Sometimes it works; sometimes it doesn't. Even if I manually turn on the console, the controller just won't connect. I try to re-sync it, but no luck. My ONLY recourse is to shut it down, let it cool down, and the disconnect the power cord for a few seconds. Then magically it works...until it fails again at some point. I HATE THIS.


2.  The controller becomes unresponsive. On occasion, it will just cease to function. I can turn on the console with it, get into a game, play a bit, and then it just stops working. I've noticed that sometimes it's the batteries (I have a rechargeable cord and pack). When that happens, I plug the cord in to turn the controller back on. But I get nothing. The light on the Xbox button comes on as if it WANTS to sync, but it is ultimately unresponsive. I HATE THIS. 


3.  Once in AW, I can't join a friend's game or "party." I say, "Party," because I know it's the game and not truly the party. For whatever reason, AW decided to list "Join Party" instead of what they really meant - "Join Game." And it's really just the game LOBBY. The bottom line is I can ONLY join the game lobby if I'm invited. Everyone else is the same. We spend so much time saying, "Hey, invite me," that's it's frustrating. Then some can't join others, etc. You can click the home button on the controller (if it responds - see #4), go up, go over, select Friends, go down, select the friend who's playing, select Join, scroll down, then select Join Game or Party (or both). H-O-L-Y C-R-A-P, Batman - who wants to do that?!? As unresponsive as the console is, this "step" takes f-o-r-e-v-e-r. I HATE THIS.


4.  The in-game buttons are slow in response. When an invite is sent, you have to hit the home button to accept it - but not too early and not too late or you're ***. Are you kidding me? Half the time it asks me if I want to turn off my console. A quarter of the time it literally shuts off just my controller. And if I'm too late, I have to hit the home button, scroll up twice, select the messages icon in the upper, left-hand corner, and ATTEMPT to select one of the many requests sent to me by my friends and HOPE that it takes. Other times while in the game, it's just as unresponsive. Say the game is over, and I just want to exit out of that room. I can't. I have to wait until AW is literally ready for me to exit. Button mashing be damned. I HATE THIS.


5.  I love how power users (see; Major Nelson) states, "...and then you can quickly watch TV, download games, or snap right back to the game you're playing!" Nothing's "quick" about this console. Everything takes too long. Why would the 360 be That.Much.More.Responsive? I HATE THIS.


6.  Why do I have to download the disc to the system for every game? That's HUGE and takes up so much space! Yeah, I see that they now have a 1TB option. That's a pacifier and not a solution. I can hear the games spinning, which means they're not pulling entirely from the local drive. Back in the day, you could install games to the local drive and everything was so much faster that way. Now you HAVE to install it to the local drive, it STILL spins from the disc, and it's MUCH slower. I HATE THIS.


7.  This doesn't happen often, but when it does (like it did last night) it sucks. When playing AW, it sometimes get so slow in frame rate that it's unplayable. It feels worse than the original Doom! The solution? Shut it down, wait for it to cool, disconnect the brick, and spin it all the way back up. I HATE THIS.


Sure I could pick up a PS4 and have other issues. Sure I could play another game and rid myself of probably half of these complaints. I just know what "good" looks like - and this is not it. I enjoy playing COD with my friends online, and therein lies the draw to the XB1 and AW. The worst part of it? All this venting is doing is riling up some other diehard MS fan boy (I'll wait on your trolling responses) or, at best, posting so that a few folks on this forum get to read a long winded rant. It will NOT get to the appropriate channels, and it will NOT get addressed.






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Thanks, Ragnarok. Believe me - these are HONEST opinions from a fan that just wants this to get back to its roots. I've had nothing but great success and pleasure in years past, so I know it can be done. I'm just venting a bit at this point and looking to see if anyone else has similar issues or concerns.

I'm an old school PC gamer. Loved it back in the day with LAN Netups. That has transitioned to an hour here and an hour there (to work around my family's schedule, of course!) of Xbox Live. It's convenient and works well. All of my buds are on XBL, so that's my stomping ground for now.

i've had my controller not turn on the X1 a few times, never had an issue with the controller being non-responsive and i'm still using the day one controller almost everyday. i gave up on CoD after Ghosts, so i cannot offer an opinion or help with those issues.

i agree that the UI feels like it should be faster, but i don't find it unbearable.

since getting my PS4, i can tell you that things are not much different, games have to be fully installed, and i still hear Diablo 3 and The Order 1886 discs spinning up in the drive, which is louder than the X1 BTW, and the fanboys in the Sony camp are actually worse.

follow the games, if all you care about are multi-platform games, then follow your friends, life is too short for brand loyalty.

 Well as far as 1-4 go, I haven't had those issues.  Im not stupid enough to think they don't exist.  I just haven't encountered them.

 With 5 I have no problem quickly switching between games and TV, but I use Kinect and it sounds like you don't.  Unfortunately the UI was designed around Kinect and is not very controller friendly.

 As far as number 6 goes it only spins the disk at the start of the game to make sure you actually have the disk for the game.  Otherwise you could install the game on multiple consoles and have everyone play at the same time for the cost of one game.

 And lastly 7 sounds like a game specific problem, but I could be wrong.  

 Hopefully your experience turns around as I absolutely love my One.  I also love my PS4 so I am not a fanboy.  At least not of any of the console manufacturers anyway as I despise them all equally.  

As someone who owns both systems and has been in both forums since launch I can tell you with all certainty that the fanboys on both sides are no different and no fewer.....the problem is the fanboys on either side don't realize they are fanboys so the other side always appears to be worse.

Please don't talk about fanboyism and other manufacturer brands (comparisons for example). Good discussions don't need those things.

Thank you. :-)

*** Volunteer Moderator & Xbox MVP ***

Just curious if all you buds have all the same issues you are having ,,aside from the AW lobby and invite ones ..Do all your buds experience 1,2,5 and 7 too..

Have you updated your controller lately op?

The only person, no matter the argument for or against, who can change your mind. Is you.

Anywho: This generation of consoles has a ways to go before thay can dethrone last gen. So if you've already 'jumped in.' Ya might as well try to enjoy it.

There was a time where my controller wouldn't turn on the console at least once a week, but that hasn't happened for a really long time now, it's never unresponsive though. A lot of people have spoke of dodgy controllers, if you've got a second one maybe see if you're having a consistent issue to narrow the problem.

Also whenever I get game invites, I just go back to the dash and through my notifications as I find it much faster then holding the centre button down and as you said, can sometimes bring up the controller or console off option, best to just avoid it.

You do have some legitimate feedback here, but some of it is avoidable, like the space issue, get an external hard drive they're so cheap these days and never have to worry about space again. You can also easily pick up your whole game library to take to a friends house or whatever (that's if you went digital). I've never noticed my disc spinning after an install, unless it gets an update in which case it's much louder for the first 10 minutes or so.

1-2: your controller might need a firmware update. Connect it to the Xbox, head over to Settings > Accessories > select your controller and check for updates.

3: I suppose that's how Activision made it work on AW. Can't say much there.

4 & 5: I can say that anyone who has used an Xbox One to some extent has noted how it's more sluggish than the 360 UI, myself included. We can only hope that the adaptation of Windows 10's innards to the XB1 firmware will speed it up but, for the time being, there's nothing we can do but bear with it.

6: Reading from the hard disk is much faster than reading off the disc drive. That's a design decision both present in XB1 and PS4, in case you decide to switch.

7: I'd suggest putting the console to energy saver instead of instant on mode. Check in Settings ? Power to make the change. Note that the console will cold boot every time when energy saver is on and, therefore, boot up times will be longer.

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