Worst case scenario for Xbox One purchased on launch day

I have been a fan of the original Xbox and Xbox 360. I still have weekly Halo nights with ten of the same players since Halo 2 came out.

I received my Xbox One Day One console on launch day. Everything seemed to work fine. On Monday before Thanksgiving, my Kinect died.(3 days after the launch) I called Xbox Support who set up an Advanced Exchange. The customer service rep specifically mentioned that the replacement will be QC'ed prior to sending it to me. I thought it was strange that they would say that since I figure they'd just send me a brand new Kinect. I received the replacement after longer than 5 business days that they had promised. When I received the replacement Kinect, it would not stay connected to the console and would keep turning on/off every few minutes.

After calling Xbox Support again, I found out that they can not set up another Advanced Exchange until the original broken Kinect is shipped back to Laredo, TX and processed in the system as being received and my credit card hold being lifted. Only after that(which can take up to 10 business days), should I call them back and set up another Advanced Exchange, for the second Kinect that failed. I was livid but I was told that their hands are tied because that is the system over there.

I decided to contact Amazon who shipped a replacement to me OVERNIGHT. Upon turning on the brand new Xbox One(a standard edition, and not a Day One edition), the console would not respond to the controller. After being on the phone for over an hour with Xbox Support, they couldn't figure out what was wrong. The controller connected directly to the console via micro USB worked fine, but the wireless part would not work. They promised to give me a call back the following day with a solution. That call never came. Two days later, I called Xbox Support myself and the customer service rep right away diagnosed the problem as the IR error on the controller. Obviously the first service rep had no idea what they were doing.

When I asked the rep to check on the status of my original Kinect return, it had just shown up as being processed. Therefore, I should be allowed to set up an Advanced Exchange for the broken controller. But, no. Apparently, because the controller is an accessory, it goes through a different replacement process, where I would have to send the controller back to Microsoft before them sending me a replacement.

It has been three weeks since launch day and I still do not have a fully functioning Xbox One due to hardware failure, customer service ineptitude, and Microsoft red tape.

This is unacceptable. I am going to return the whole thing to Amazon. Because of Halo, I may consider buying the Xbox One when Halo 5 comes out, but this experience is making me reconsider sticking with Xbox, period. However, Amazon has been great through all of this.

Dissatisfied in San Francisco


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I'm a big halo fan as well. But i honestly don't think the next halo will be that good, I mean bungie pretty much made halo what it is and Destiny looks like it will be the next Halo (aka Halo killer). If i were you i'd just return it and wait until the next Halo comes out to see if it's still worth it. I'm currently considering getting a PS4 mainly because of all the red tape and paywalls microsoft has put in their consoles.

Worst case scenario for Xbox One launch day:  You and every one in your family dies on the way to pick up the console.  Macabre scenario, yes, but that is far worse than being disappointed in a silly video game.

At least your console worked.   Many defective units were discovered Day One..... That's the price of early adoption.   GOOD LUCK!!!