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It would be really cool if we could play World of Warcraft on the xbox one! I think that will drag really many pc players to xbox one. You can either make keyboard and mouse support on the xbox one or we could just make keybindings to use on the xbox one controller! This would be really cool. 


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Here's the problem with the idea of bringing World of Warcraft to the Xbox One. It has a subscription to play it.

Now people already pay Microsoft for the permission to play on other companies servers via the Xbox Live Gold subscription. Are people going to be happy if they then have to pay Microsoft for permission to play on those servers and then have to pay the company itself in order to get access to them.

I know people will argue "well Gold gives more than just online play" and that is true but how many people do you think would bother to subscribe to Gold if online multiplayer wasn't part of the package.

Slipped on a tangent there but I truly believe that people would not be willing to pay two levels of subscription in order to play one game.

i would also like to see a console port to xbox1x, with a small team from both sides on a vanilla version the game would be great. in my opinion add'ons took alot away from the gaming experience, and id really enjoy a console version that focused solely on the game and gave everyone a fresh start and opportunity to play wow from the beginning as a community.

I've played WoW since launch and the WoW is dying comments always give me a good laugh. Currently 10 million subscribers with a low of about 8 and was up to 14 after the most recent expansion.

I think Rift and EQ2 are better MMO's based on their challenge considering WoW's difficulty has decreased significantly since launch to appeal to a more causal demographic but from a content and polish standpoint WoW is king with FF XIV being it's closest competitor.

The reasons we'll never see it here is that Blizzard isn't going to give up a cut of their subscription fee's, keyboard support would have to be added and the console wouldn't allow add-ons. Without the last two end-game raiding wouldn't be an option.

It will never happen. I played WoW for many years and have recently un-subbed as the game is in decline. A lot of the appeal of WoW to many players was that it was a PC only title.

WOW is dying.  It would be pointless and a waste of time, money, and resources to port that game to any console.  Besides there are other more recently released MMORPGs that blow WOW out of the water.

Assuming this would even happen (it's very unlikely) because most of the people who care for that game already have it and are probably not going to be willing to re-purchase it or re-level their characters from scratch.