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My son has heard that you can play World of Tanks online using Xbox.  Is this so?  If so, is it free?  How do I go about obtaining this please?


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There was or maybe still is a Beta but I am unsure if you can still sign up for it. No solid release date for the full game as of yet just 2014, not that I can find anyhow. :). It will be free to download but likely it will be full of micro transactions to purchase armour/weapons etc. If you want to have any hopes of staying alive more than a few seconds you will need to spend. 

I could be wrong but looking at recent free games like Spartacus this is how they work, and can be given away for free. The game takes impossibly long to rank up on unless you are willing to spend 'real money' purchasing items. So you can't get anywhere unless you are prepared for some real drudgery repeating events again and again. That was with Sparty though so this could be completely different.

Still World of tanks does look like a lark.  :D

Official World of Tanks 360 edition page if you wanted to take a look