Wondering if a wirless AC adapter would work with my xbox 360 or the xbox 1 (hopfully both)

Wondering if a wireless AC adapter would work on my xbox 360 or the xbox 1 I am in the process of updating my entire wireless network. I am planning to go with the ASUS (RT-AC68U) Wireless-AC1900 Dual-Band Gigabit Router. I would like to know as the xbox 360 slim does not support 5.0ghz network. would I be able to buy an Ac adapter that would let my xbox take advantage of the speeds I am about to get also would this work for the New xbox 1 as I know it will support 5.0ghz wireless N but im not sure about the wireless AC standard. In the end would I be able to buy an adapter that would allow me to take advantage of the speeds from the new wireless AC standard?

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No, you cannot use third party wireless adapter with the 360 or X1. And if the router is dual band, then it should have both 2.5 and 5ghz modes to support both. As for the AC adapter, it's pointless to go AC unless your speed increase demands it. You'll still only get the maximum throughput your ISP gives you regardless if you have a N or AC adapter. What speed are you getting increased to?

For streaming media on the LAN, an N or AC adapter works well. I use a Linksys Wet610n with my bedroom 360 to keep my connection suitable for HD media through MCE. It works fine for gaming too. A better alternative for the 360 is the black wireless N adapter MS sells for the 360- which is just as capable as the dual band wet610n (and supports the 5Ghz band, unlike the internal Slim wireless N). I might eventually go with a wireless AC bridge, but one that supports multiple Ethernet devices (to take advantage of the extra bandwidth). I have a Buffalo WLI-H4-D1300 that should do this, but mine won't play nice with the 360, for some reason. MCE tune network shows maxed performance, but in actual use, it seems to lose connection or drop packets, causing unresponsive UI / video pausing / MCPC disconnects. All of which is why I'm using the much more stable wet610n (single Ethernet input / 1 device).