Wish list functionality?

I haven't seen this announced anywhere, I'm not even sure if it was on the 360, but what are the chances we will see wish list functionality? I know it's a minute detail, but being someone who carefully chooses what they buy and when they buy it, I would like the chance to be able to add games to an ongoing list. It would definitely make it easier to keep track of the things I have at least some interest in. Maybe even message us when demos or sales are available for the items on the wish list, much like Steam. Anyone else out there agree?

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I believe the xbox one already does this as it tracks everything you buy, play or watch and will show you related stuff on your home screen. So say you played a game a lot but then some dlc come out it will probably show you it on your home screen. Same with new episode of TV shows and stuff like that Will also show you stuff you may be interested in.

I'd love to have a wishlist system like on Steam: you add a game to your wishlist and when it's on sale you'll be notified about it. But then again, Microsoft does sales so rarely (apart from a few games which are always on DotW or something) so it's not really going to be that big of an advantage...

If Microsoft is serious about pushing Digital, sales will have to start coming eventually.