Wireless Speed Wheel?

Anybody here pick one up today? Are they any good? I have a decent wheel already but MS won't allow me to use it on the 360, so I can only use it on the PC/PS3. So I'm after something to play the driving games on the 360 with. The MS official wheel is garbage to I'm not interested in that and I don't have £400+ to spend on the new Fanatec wheels.



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If you think the official force feedback wheel is garbage dont bother with the Wireless wheel.

Its a little heavyer than a wii whell with the wiimote in

Cheers mate.

I have it and I think it's very good indeed. It is very responsive, feels pretty light and didn't as yet make my arms hurt holding it, it's also compact enough to tuck away in a drawer. I bought mine for £34.99 in Game and think it was a bargain.

having no LB/RB button seems to be a big problem with it.

What? Serious? You need those for in the menus? Not so sure you need them for driving though.

I'm tempted....

people use them for gears apparently,but yes the menus seem to be the problem.

i would imagine a lot of second hand deals very soon,keep an eye on ebay.

look backwards if your out of car

I got on alright without those buttons i didn't even notice to be honest.

eBay and a cheap deal me thinks. Thanks for the heads up. How can they miss off buttons like that??

I imagine if they mapped the gear changes to the d-pad on the wireless wheel it would actually make more sense than using the LB/RB buttons ie pushing up and down to change gears is a bit more natural. LB and RB buttons are native to the pad and it just so happens that a lot of driving games map the gears to those buttons but being as the wireless wheel ISN'T a pad those buttons might be surplus to requirements if the d-pad provides a better alternative for that function. It may even be that sticking a couple extra buttons near the triggers would make it a bit harder to use purely from the way you're holding it


Maybe Pesty can confirm whether that's how they've handled it with Forza (mapping gears to d-pad?)

Wouldn't actually bother me as I tend to use automatic gears anyway ;)


Main problem really is whether some older games will let you re-map the LB/RB

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