Wireless Speed Wheel

Just wondering if anyone has one and what games work best with it.  I have Forza 4 and that works fine.  Thanks in advance.


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The new one or the older one with pedals?

New one

I tried them with Forza 4 but they made my arms ache after a while, not tried them with any other games, well not enough to give a proper verdict.

The ommision ot the LB & RB buttons is a major flaw in the design and you cannot use a wired headset either. MS stuffed it up big style in my opinion

@Marv 71 Hopefully game developers will work around this with new games

They may well do but I wouldn't hold my breath on that. At first when it was announced I though that it sounded good on paper but then saw that there were no bumper buttons or wired mic port and those are major flaws.

The bumper buttons are used a lot in racing games, they should have been put in the design

@Marv I agree with the shoulder buttons, but you can get around the mic business with either Kinect of a wireless mic.

@ Champ, I do agree that you can use a wireless mic or Kinect but I am sure that the vast majority of people would have wired mics. To not include a port for them would have put a lot of people off who do online racing.


MS might well do a version 2 of it with the bumper buttons and a port but we will have to wait and see if they do. In the meantime as it stands personally I think they have dropped the ball on this one

MS could easily release a free app download for the Wireless speed wheel owners which would run in the background (accessed via the Guide button maybe) and enable you to re-map the two shoulder buttons to any other buttons available on the controller as not every driving game makes use of the ABXY buttons


It was a pretty dumb omission by MS really as I remember getting quite excited discovering I could play Hydro Thunder Hurricane with it only to later discover that I was unable to make use the Turbo button which soon put a dampener on that (and that's not an isolated incident unfortunately)


To the OP though, the Dirt games work really well with it as well as does Forza 3


NFS: Shift 2 needs the shoulder buttons though if you want to use manual gears so maybe avoid that one. Never got round to trying it with 'Hot pursuit'

I love this controller now after extensive use and although the lack of shoulder buttons can be a pain especially when tuning in Forza 4, I have now got used to switching controllers while painting and Tuning.  It does also work well with Forza 3 but for some reason it works even better with Forza 2 and also PGR 4 so much in fact that I have now started the entire career again on PGR 4.  I love the fact that you can just hold it in your lap and use it pretty much how I hold a standard controller.  The only problem I have now is going back to a standard controller around a friends house I went straight on at several turns trying to tilt the controller instead of using the thumb sticks!  It does work well with F1 2011 as well although you have to use Auto gears, and I found turning up the sensitivity so you don't need to tilt to much to turn also helped.