Wireless Speed Wheel out tomorrow..

As a self-confessed sucker for new gadgets I'm going to try and pick one up. One of the few gripes I've seen is a lack of 'LB' and 'RB' buttons but as a common use for these is manual shifting, I won't miss them too much.


Anyone else giving it a try ?



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Gonna stick with my wheel for now mate, may grab one further down the line if the price drops a bit though, by all accounts it's quite good.

Also saw this on hotukdeals.com, the game and wheel for £59.99

I was looking at this and the new steering wheel. Think i'd rather go with the latter tbh dude.

I'm with you on this I think. Oddly  I find it aesthetically pleasing so i'll definitely be picking one up at some point ... it'll probably kick start me into playing the backlog of driving games I have sat on my shelf if nothing else.


The fact I can just stick it in a drawer out of sight when i'm not using it is a big plus point too as having a big wheel and pedals clutttering the place up is a bit of an eyesore and just advertises the fact you're a nerd when you have vistors ;)


The deal Mark pointed out is excellent though i'm not planning on getting Forza 4 straight away purely because i'm not done with Forza 3 yet. Anybody seen any good deals for the wheel by itself?

I think its a genius idea by Microsoft.

I've never had the right gaming setup to use a proper wheel, and thus this looks like it could be the perfect solution. Im going to be watching this forum to see the reactions to the wheel, and if they are good, i'll definitely be investing.

I have mine on pre order and I'm picking it up tomorrow from Game

I drive manual on Forza so the lack of RB/LB buttons is an instant no for me. I also think it will be wierd to play with as there is nothing securing the wheel

Looks pathetic and you better have good arm muscles to hold that up for a long period of time.

Not for me. I envisage this as being a cheap novelty item that will be massively over-sensitive and will be of very little use for serious racing games such as F1 and Forza.



Not to mention the massive amounts of arm ache you will suffer whilst using this wheel which would just take away all the enjoyment of playing a racing game.

I'll let you know how it goes tomorrow

It's not supposed to replicate or replace a full steering wheel but lots of favourable reviews seem to suggest it's a nice improvement to a pad that seems to function well.

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