Wireless Network Adapter on new Xbox 360S

I had an old Elite console running wi-fi throught the wireless network adapter. Just go a new Slim yesterday and I have noticed the wi-fi signal strength from the inbuilt wi-fi is only two bars. When I had the wi-fi adapter on top of my TV using my old Elite I got 4 bars my new Slim is under my TV. Will plugging the old network adapter into my new slim boost the signal or will it do nothing at all?


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In a lot of cases some people seem to get a stronger signal using the external wireless network adapter. Your results may vary. When you hook it up it will use the external network adapter and not the built in one in the 360s

I have a wireless xbox but I use the network adapter because it gives me a better signal than the internal wireless.

The internal wireless really isn't that good unless its right next to your router.

The external adapter overrides the internal adapter when attached. Between having two antennas and having 5.8Ghz support, it's a better overall solution than the internal adapter.

What are you going to do with the wireless adapter now? My Ethernet port burnt out las t week and I've been trying to find an adapter. Any chance you might want to sell it?