Wireless Mic for Xbox One

Why do we not have an affordable wireless microphone for the Xbox One? You already made one for the 360, that one was 60 dollars and every single one on the market now is insanely expensive. I Don't want to pay as much for my headset as i do for my console, the headset you start out of the box with is a sad joke and everyone who has put it on knows that. 


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Actually, I find the standard Xbox One headset to be very well made, comfortable and efficient. I'm pretty satisfied with it. It is a HUGE improvement over the standard Xbox 360 headset, too.

The xbox one headset does the job. More comfortable than the 360 wired one. Nothing beats my old Gamecom x95's which I no longer have anymore :(

I'm on the fence about wireless mics. I had one for a short time wayyyy back on 360. I say a short time because it broke easily. I would also forget to charge it a lot so I ended up using the default wired one.

The wired one that came with X1 is pretty decent if you're just looking for chat functionality. I'm sure there will be a wireless one at some point.

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