Wireless keybord for xbox one

I have used a wireless keyboard on my Xbox 360 for a long time.  I am furious that I spent money on an Xbox one and am unable to use a wireless keyboard on it.  I personally hate trying to send messages with the idiotic method you have to use with Xbox one.  Hunting and pecking with the controller is  ridiculous. What good is having Skype for Xbox one if you can not use a keyboard?   Why have so many usb ports on my Xbox one if they are useless?  Microsoft ripped me off when I purchased an Xbox  one.  I was expecting a much better machine after all the advertisement Microsoft did.  Don't even get me started on the Xbox one TV crap.  You have to have  cable TV, or some other expensive company that gives you 300 channels you will never watch in order to use it.  How about letting me hook it up to my digital TV antenna.  There must be some company out there that can create a wireless keyboard for Xbox one even if Microsoft is not smart enough.


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The good news is I'm sure I've seen peole posting about their Wireless Keyboards working with the XBox ONE.


So if you do a search for it (hopefully the keyboard's still working with your pc) you should hopefully find a solution, or why not even try contacting Support?