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I bought a wireless headset a couple of months ago and im loving it. Problem is out of nowhere it has stopped charging. The headset still works great, that is until it ends up running out of battery...Im not sure why it stopped charging i know the usb cable is good and so are the ports i have checked it charges my generic battery that has the same charging port as the headset. Does anyone know why its not charging anymore??


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One thing I know about recharging is that it's best to fully charge it and fully drain it the first time using. It's good for the memory of the Battery. Let's hope it's only the battery that needs to be replaced. Can you or do you have another battery to try?

On the old forums there was a thread with several hundred posts from people that had their official wireless headset just stop working one day for no reason. Has happened to me twice. Luckily I got a store replacement plan. Opening it to change the battery voids any warranty and isn't an easy thing to do even if you have replacement parts since the battery isn't an off the shelf AA NIMH.

i suppose whats most confusing is that it still works with the charge thats left in it the light doesnt come on when i plug it in though and the battery icon doesnt go up...i can get it replaced but problem is i got mine off ebay (it is a offical microsoft box and all) and to get it replaced i have to send my broken one to china it doesnt sound very cost effective to me, if microsoft has had this many problems with them they should really look into gettin it fixed...

They are coming out with a new design that looks a lot more like a standard Bluetooth headset so that is their fix. Should be out before the end of the year.