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Where the hell is my wireless headset? I am tired of my arm catching this stupid cable connecting my head to the controller. There are a bunch of complaints that I have about the xbox one but this is absolutely ridiculous. I have a feeling that it isn't too complicated in this day and age to make a wireless earpiece for your $550 system. Not including it in the original purchase is bad enough, but not offering an official wireless headset at all is garbage. Truly sad in 2014. "Next gen" lol. 


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[quote user="Soylent Black"]I am tired of my arm catching this stupid cable connecting my head to the controller.[/quote]

I`m using the Turtle Beach Call of Duty: MW3 Ear Force Bravo Limited Edition Programmable Wireless Universal Gaming Headset. It`s compatible with The Xbox One And thankfully I`m not dealing with these Xbox One Pesky Wires. it`s good for a Xbox One Wireless Headset but a third party accessory.

You can always check out the Official Xbox One: Accessories page by clicking here

P.s: Just because i`ve got myself a Turtle Beach Call of Duty: MW3 Ear Force Bravo Xbox One Wireless Headset does not mean i`m into the Call of duty Or Modern Warfare Series. I really do dislike these games as they are extremely over-rated and boring to me.

Key word being "3rd party". I have a wireless headset that works fine for my 360, why isn't there one offered by M$ for the xbox one? My biggest point is that in 2014 a wireless headset should have been included or at least offered for the "next gen" system.  Over than a charging cable when needed and the cables that hook the system up, there is no reason for a wires.  Everything is wireless now. I wouldn't complain if it was 2000.  It just seems behind the times in the way of video game systems.  It just seems like common sense.  I've resorted to using my 360 for party chats while I play on the one. Just a step backwards.