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hi my son wants to join xbox live he has got the xbox elite console just wondering if the wireless adapter would get a wireless signal i have tryed my xbox slim in his room but that doesnt get a signal but a laptop does so just wondering if the wireless adapter has a better range then the inbuilt one



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How far away is the router from your son's xbox? I doubt that the range would be any better on the adapter. If you can, I would try moving the router closer to your son's xbox so it might get a better signal there.

I would suggest looking into getting a wireless access point: WAP. It's cheaper than the official MS adapter and you get a self powered unit with decent sized antennas. If you get a WAP that also has a bridge function it can help boost the your current Wifi giving you total house coverage.


Also a WAP normally gives you four ethernet ports so you can connect several devices directly. Useful to cut down on devices using Wifi which means less noise and normally a faster connection.


Check out the forums at DSLReports for some suggestions.