Wired Headsets are driving me nuts

I have so much frustration over a next gen console being WIRED to my headl. I looked like a buffoon walking around the kitchen trying to make food while carrying my controller in one hand just so I can keep talking to my boys in party. Then I misjudged the length of the cable multiple times yanking the headset off or making the controller fall off the table. Then my dog jumps on me while playing which causes his leg to get tangled in wire which resulted in him running away ripping the headset off, pulling the controller out of my hands, and going for a ride around the house banging into every corner. At that point I just laughed thinking how 8 years ago this was never a problem because of the xbox 360 wireless ear piece. Yup, this is next gen technology. Can't believe this system didn't come with or at least make available for purchase a wireless alternative for the wired headset. Why didn't they at least include Bluetooth? I owned 1 wireless earpiece for probably 7-8 years. I will be going on my 3rd wired headset now since launch.

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Agree but this is for the headset company's forums.

I just use the Kinect. Problem solved! ;)