Wired headset not working please help!!

I need help!! I have a wired headset and it just stoped working when I was playing one night. The problem is that other people can hear me but I cant hear them. I tried everthing but it just didnt work. Is it possible for the wires to come unhooked and can it be fixed or do i have to send it in? If anyone have any suggestions or tips please reply. Thank you!!!


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Only thing I can think of is a bad cable. Thing to try is trying the headset in another controller. If the issue is resolved, you're first controller has the issue. More than likely, it is the headset itself. If you feel comfortable with wires that small have at it, but the easiest solution is more than likely a new headset/chat cable (depending on the mic you are using).

The standard wired headsets cables after time get damaged or frayed wires inside. Unless your a soldering wizkid or electrical time person its easier to buy a new one than try fix it yourself.