Windows Phone 7 Handsets - Recomendations Please

Hi everyone.

My iPhone 3GS contract is almost up for renewal and I'm considering switching to Windows Phone 7, however I'm struggling to decide on which handset to go for. The HTC HD7 is the handset I've been considering as it has the 16GB storage. Are there any other handsets that I should be considering, or any that are due to come out in the next few months that I should look to wait for.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


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Might be an idea to wait for phones to ship with the Mango update (this fall) which will bring over 500 new features.


Also im waiting for the Nokia sea ray:


Its basically a Nokia N9 ( with windows phone instead of Meego.

Comes with 16GB or 64 GB storage, AMOLED screen, Carl Ziess lens and looks incredible!

HD7!! or wait for the new Nokia phones...maybe. The Mango update will be awesome

At the moment the Samsung Omnia 7 is the best Windows Phone on the market, best screen by a mile plus has NAND memory (very fast).

But if I were you I'd wait a few months for the next wave of handsets.

I've got the HD7 and I don't have any complaints about it so far, I'd definitely recommend it,

Just be prepared to spend a stupidly large amount of time playing Fruit Ninja.

I also have a HD7. Great phone. Suffers from a crappy battery though. I charge it up fully almost everyday as I have data connection on constant. Windows Phone is good too, very pretty but not always practical. Mango will improve it majorly as atm it doesn't even have Live Messenger.

@EDDS I think you forgot to add "in my opinion" to your first sentance :)

I've got an HD7 too, because of the 16Gb memory, but the screen on the Omnia is unbeatable. If you can get a 16Gb Omnia then that would be a good phone to pick up, providing they have fixed the issues updating the Samsung handsets.

Although, as others have already mentioned, perhaps it would be an idea to wait for the new models coming like the Nokia's and I'm personally hoping for a Samsung Galaxy S2 with WP7 :)


If you want a Windows Phone that has the best performance then it is an Omnia 7, that's not opinion.


If you want extra storage or a keyboard or whatever then that's different.

Thanks for all the advise. I'm going to look at the omina 7, but like some of you have said it maybe worth while waiting for the next batch of handsets.