Windows Media Center with "Watch TV control"

I've tried 4 of the 12 or so listed cable boxes in the Watch TV settings and none of them are working to control my Windows Media Center. I'm using an official Microsoft IR receiver, which I've used with at least 6 remotes without issue prior to last night's setup. 

Is anyone else having any luck?

On a related note, when I was using the XO "Watch TV" app and my standard remote to control it, the screen kept freezing for 5-10 seconds. Which is new to me. I don't know if Xbox One is bugging out with the passthrough signal or if Windows Media Center doesn't like being passed through the box. I had to route the HTPC back to another input on my TV this morning so it doesn't confuse my wife, but this all seems incredibly janky as I'm running a full Microsoft stack and you'd think this would work without issue.

Once I get time later on today, I'll re-route everything again and try the other cable box sets listed and see if any of them work.


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I also noticed some"freezing" of the image initially, but I toggled from windowed view to full screen and back, and it stopped. this was after the initial setup, and hasn't happened since, so I'm not sure what the cause was. My setup has my 360 passing through the One, using the 360's MCE functions. It's not great, but not really terrible either. My 360 is set to use standard MCPC IR signals, and I found that the XB1 actually has codes for that- enter 'media center' for the cable box search terms, then use the drop down from the screen saying it has found some entries to choose from, and select something like media center PC. Play, pause, stop, and channel changes all appear to work, though it seems just as easy to use the regular MCE interface with my Logitech Harmony remote. If I didn't want to take advantage of snapping, I would probably just keep them on separate receiver inputs.

I tried most of the of the entries for 'media center', like "MediaCenter", "media center", "Media Center Outlet 1" and even "Windows Media Server". I'll try again in a little while, maybe I need to scoot my IR receiver closer to the kinect.

I'm also using a Harmony remote. Smart non-touch, which is awesome, way better than my old 900 version. Once the Harmony becomes compatible with the XO, unless it's smart enough to seamlessly navigate both the Watch TV activity and VUDU/Netflix/etc, I'll probably end up going the separate input route anyways. (Especially without standby passthrough.)

Thanks for the confirmation, at least I know now that I'm on the right track.

I am wrestling with this exact problem.  How do the Kinect bounce the IR signal back to the 360 to issue commands?  I dont have an IR blaster...

Found an old IR blaster for Tivo, and it works great. to get the One to boot straight into full screen TV?  My wife is not going to want to shout at the TV.

When I set my 360 up through the passthrough, and set it up for '"watch tv" I just chose "Microsoft" as the cable box manufacture and everything works perfectly with my 360. I have all the voice commands, and the one guide functionality that any normal cable box owner would have. It's freaking great!

Although I would like to see MS just add a WMC Extender app to the One eventually. I mean if this is supposed to be the ONE and only box I need in my living room for media purposes, it just makes sense to support WMC with it.

I would also like MS to hurry up and add dolby digital surround sound. I believe it's better than uncompressed audit myself.

When you say "everything" works perfectly - is there a easy way to get at your Recorded TV?  

everything works for channels.  havn't solved the Recorded TV access yet.  I got the XBOX One last night.   If I can access Recorded tv without my harmony I'll report back.  it's perfect for channel selection of x.1 channels.