Windows Live id 360

Wonder if anyone can help me my windows live id has been hacked via PayPal and a guy in china even though i dont have a PayPal acc. Now my 360 happens to be on this email address that the hacker is using

So my question is can i set up the 360 using a non windows live id and still keep all my games and bits and bobs.

Or do i just do another windows live acc and hope for the best ?

Thankfully this hacker has not done anything regarding the 360 yet as i have no credit cards  stored on the console.


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You need to immediately report this to Customer support so you can get back full control of your account. Once sorted, you can then change the email and password on your WLID you use for your GT, I would suggest creating a unique email address and only EVER using it for your gamertag, dont use it on any other site or sign it up to anything else online

Just a update i have changed the email and password for my 360 now anyway. This hacker seems to be very well known around the internet and seems to sending out mass emails on the hope someone will slip up and verify a acc on PayPal just glad i noticed it. So watch yer emails and be on the look out For a Lee Tom in China.