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 This may not be the correct place to post this, but im sure theres alot of people here that may use Winamp Remote here.  Anyways, ive always used Winamp remote to play music from my computer on my Xbox 360 while playing games.  After i sold my old Elite and bought one of the newer XBOX models (the glossy one) and started using Winamp Remote on that, sometimes on certain tracks i will get slow-mo playback.   Has anyone else experienced this?  I have reinstalled Winamp Remote and have also downloaded media packs for the xbox and still i get the same problem. it doesnt happen on alot of tracks/songs that i have, but maybe 1 out of 5 will do that. I have tried Winamp forums for help, but no luck. id love to know how i could fix this annoyance.


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Never used Winamp remote, but have used the player in the past. Just wondering what the reason is you want to use it over say using Windows Media Player and it's streaming capabilities. Secondly have you checked to see exactly what format and codec the songs with problems are using? Check and see if it's an odd format or codec causing the issue.

I use winamp remote because it allows me to play my games while streaming the music, i believe the Windows Media Player only works on the dashboard....    And yeah, all of my music i purchase from Beatport  is downloaded as either MP3 or WAV so they both should be working fine.

I would go with Windows Media Player 12 setup to stream content. It can stream music while in game from anything that is in its library.