Will Xfinity TV App be available on Xbox One?

Does anyone know if the Xfinity TV app will be available on Xbox One or are they going to do away with it. I called Xfinity TV support and the guy told me there are no plans as of now and it is only for Xbox 360. I also assume they are going to do away with it because now the Xbox One will directly connect to a cable box. Now I won't be able to login with my Comcast account and get all of the OnDemand features that the main cable box in my house offers which is what Xbox 360 app lets me do.  In my bedroom where my Xbox One will be I have a small basic cable box that uses coaxial to connect to TV, this is not going to connect and I am about to get PS4 in this case.

The 6 main apps that I always use on my 360 are - HBOGo, Xfinity TV, ESPN, Netflix, YouTube

PS4 only has Netflix

Xbox One will have HBOGOI, ESPN, Nextflix, YouTube, and NFL

I might roll PS4 and get an AppleTV for HBOGo and whatever else it has to offer

Does anyone have any suggestions or information for me on this.


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I havent seen anything about Xfinity being available at launch or anytime after. This link details the launch apps on xbox one bgr.com/.../xbox-one-launch-entertainment-apps Also HBOGO is not on the list either and should be coming soon. I would say do whats best for your entertainment needs.

just plug your hdmi cable into the sec port for x1


Now I hear the NFL app on xbox one will stream at 1080p 60 fps. Still no progress with xfinity / comcast adding their service to the xbox one.  If comcast dosen't get their act together, I'll be forced to drop them, I'm pot committed with my xbone, not my cable service.  

Somebody needs to tell comcast nobody cares or wants their x1 service, give it a rest.