Will Xbox music sound quality improve ?

I  want  to  use  Xbox  One  music ,  but  it's  only  192  kbs .

it  makes  my  high end  stereo  sound  like  a  walkie - talkie

I  now  use Google  play  at  320  kbs.   

Will  things  at  Xbox  music improve ?


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It wont hurt to speak with support they might have a solution for your issue.

You should test your connection. You could be experiencing low quality because the system is unable to stream anymore. Netflix has a similar system where the quality will lower if it can't keep up to avoid buffering.

I've never had a problem and I have music downloaded on my windows phone works wonderfully through my alpine deck with bose speakers I got from the junk yard

Where can you see the kbs?

The only way I see it is in either wmp or the music app

This is a little late, but I'm sympathetic to the OPs dilemma.  I'm considering a subscription to similar services but after different free trials I've concluded Xbox Music pass has the lowest stream rate of any online music service amongst the big 4 or 5.  Downloaded content is at 320 kbs, streaming is only 192 kbs.  Average listeners over pc speakers or earbuds won't care, but anyone who have sunk $$$ into audio equipment can absolutely tell the emptiness of the bit rate on Xbox compared to others.  If you think its a fad, consider Jay-Z has invested in higher bit rates for streaming services with their acquisition of Tidal (which has the highest of all streaming services at over 1400 kbs).  Microsoft needs to bring it.  I don't think it should be expected to compete with Tidal at $19/mo., but at the same price point as other services of $9/mo. you shouldn't on get half the bit rate of other services.  Come on Microsoft...just be good at something, or over achieve for once.  Let the weak link of my streaming service be the ISP or my machine not the streaming service.  I'll probably have to opt for Tidal until MS kicks it up a notch or 20.

I thought the XB1 supported the best sound out there (7.1 surround sound), so what's the issue? The quality of the sound? Hmm... Never bothered me, but then again, I'm hard of hearing - as long as I can hear it, I'm good to go. :P

Maybe it will sound better once they change the name to Groove.