Will Xbox Live be separate on the old and new consoles?

Sorry if the title is a bit confusing. I didn't really know how else to word it. Basically I'm trying to ask if I don't buy a new Xbox when it comes out (I know it's not confirmed but eventually it will happen), will I be able interact (party chat or messaging) with people who have the new one? I'm curious because this will be the first updated console to release since Xbox Live has come out. Therefore, will Xbox Live be the same across both consoles or will they be separate?


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You will have to wait and see

There was Xbox live on the original Xbox also, you could also play original Xbox games like Halo 2 online on your Xbox 360 until they updated live.



Although there's no official line I should think they'll integrate the two initially and then over time phase out the 360.

That would make sense. I'm just wondering because I built a gaming PC recently and only really use my Xbox to talk with some friends now. So I can't justify buying a new console just for that purpose.

You can use Windows Live to chat to people on Xbox from your PC, no party chat unfortunately but if you don't generally talk to a whole bunch of people at a time then you could probably do without a Gold sub

From what I remember the guide button was not available when you played old xbox games on the 360 so you couldn't chat with others playing a 360 game.

I'm going out on a limb, a bit here, but I don't think the change will be as dramatic as it was from the original Xbox. I can see the 360 having access to Live for quite some time. There are still games that get played online for a long time. Hell, there's even a strong rumour that there'll be another CoD for the 360 this year.


I think it'll be easy enough to integrate new hardware and new games into the existing Live platform. Especially since the majority of Live online gaming is peer-to-peer. You'll still be able to chat with guys on the new hardware, as these features are Live dependent and not hardware dependent.

I think not i read on an article that next gen xbox chat will be based around skype

yeah i couldn't access the 360 guide when i was playing halo 2 a couple of days ago...but  we'll see, won't we?

Not just Skype, Microsoft owns Skype they closing messenger service on windows too.  Everything is going to go Skype i think in the future  and there's no reason  why it couldn't be incorporated into the 360 BUT and here comes the main problem with the 360 longevity.  The 360's successor is going to be a windows 8 platform designed from the ground upwards and that's going to be a big problem for the 360.  Also Microsoft's track record in looking after customers when bringing out new hardware.  I don't know what's gonna happen but Microsoft seems to have a track record of pulling the rug out of customer's feet.  They did it with the old MSN chat rooms in the uk closed them, they did it with the original X Box and now they doing it to Messenger.  So the future doesn't bide very well for X Box owners.