Will Xbox ever give me the achievements I earned?

I recently purchased The Witcher 3. I earned 3 achievements and then my console went offline for a few hours due to internet issues. Reconnected to xbox live and continued playing.

I can confirm achievements don't always unlock once you connect back to Xbox Live. All of my Witcher 3 achievements have been completely broken. I have completed the entire game and been connected to live for over a week, no achievements will unlock properly. I am level 70 and still have not earned the achievement for earning level 35...

It's been a long time and I still cannot earn the most simple achievements for this game.

I have posted and asked xbox support, seems no one can help. Never had any problems like this years ago on xbox 360. Seems like the Xbox One is all around slower and buggier than the console Microsoft released years ago. I refuse to switch to a playstation, Xbox has way better games, but I just want a console that works properly. All of these issues are frustrating, I spent over $60 on a game and cannot earn any achievements


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This ain't much help but it took over 4 months for the raid achievement to pop on Destiny for me . So all I can suggest is keep playing and hope for the best .

I beat the story mode in Defense Grid months ago with all gold medals and a few other challenges and haven't received achievements either.

Pretty ridiculous, this wasn't a problem on Xbox 360. Not only does this new achievement system make offline players suffer, it's not even working right.

I remember a few games giving me a delayed achievement with the 360 (not for offline either). I remember getting a random Halo achievment pop up when I logged in once, before even starting any games.

Can't earn achievements on any of my Witcher 3 save files. Looks like my achievement score is set to 75 points forever for this game

No, your achievements will pop up.  If you earned them they will pop.  I also have had an issue with achievements in Destiny and NBA Live.  

Sometimes signing out and then signing back in at the main menu of a game works.  (This worked for me in Destiny)

Also, every now and then Xbox Live will do a "force pop" to ensure all gamers get their achievements.

NxtDoc thank you for your reply. I recently figured out the issue isn't just in The Witcher 3, I can't earn achievements in any xbox one games right now. I looked up many pages of people with the same problem, but there seems to be no absolute fix.  My achievements app doesn't work right at all either.

I tried everything, I don't want to factory reset or delete my profile because I'm worried I won't get my achievements. Just going to leave my xbox sitting for a few weeks and hope for the best before I factory reset.

I wonder if being Silver might have something to do with it. I never really cared about achievements, if they show up, fine if not I could care less.

There is no need to factory reset at the moment.  

And Achievements have no subscription requirement.  

Hang in there Zchronik