Will we get a WW2 game on Xbox One any time soon?

Ok I am and older gamer and I loved the WW2 COD games and Brothers in Arms. I found it difficult to swallow reading all the negative comments across the forums regarding games set in the era. The popular gripe was, 'WW2 has been done to death'. God knows how many Vietnam, Iraq, Modern War 1, 2 up to 789 there has been since from every developer. Weapons from current to the far future are awash.

Surely there is room for a WW2 game, many theatres of conflict from the war remain largely unexplored.


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I think we've had a long enough break from them, it's due time for a revisit.

Cod4 was my favorite

flying a spitfighter or a snukka

^^^ Ding, ding, winner, winner, chicken dinner. WWII can be new again, it would just take a little more then the run around with a Tommy or M1.

[quote user="LostKauz"]

I wouldn't mind if Dice returned to WWII with the Frostbite 3 Engine and full glory of destruction. And this is coming from a guy who couldn't take another WWII after so many Titles played out that era.

Just imagine from a pilot's seat of a BF109... ah the glory of it.


Seriously. That would be sick. The could have bombers, anti-aircraft, fighter jets, tanks. It would be really epic.

I really hope we do.

I'm another gamer that prefers games set in this period, for me they just feel more realistic for some reason.

Call of Duty 3 was still my favorite multiplayer though I realize I'm in the vast, vast minority.  I loved the slower speed, the weapons, and the realistic entry and exit vehicle animations.  Hoping for something like it this new generation.

Sniper Elite 3 is coming to XB1 next year and is set in Africa during WWII.



I hope they do. I loved CoD World at War, one of my favorite games of all time. I hate how you cant play it anymore because of a bunch of children hacked it and no one fixes it.

They could do "public events" (a la Destiny) where you could re-enact something like the D-day invasion, with players manning the machine guns and U-boats, and wave after wave of multiplayer hordes try to take the beach. Once they take the beach, it could then push everything back like Rush does in BF4.

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