Will there ever be a way to back up saves besides the cloud?(IE: To a flash drive/external HDD)

While I think the cloud is great, I would still like a way to back up my saves and personally have a copy just in case something happens to my cloud save/local save. A good example is the fact that a lot of the Killer Instinct game updates keep wiping out peoples save files/unlocks which is a major problem for some, especially those who defeated Shadow Jago in Arcade to unlock his stage. This could be prevented if I could back up my save, similar to how you can on the previous consoles... will we ever see this come to fruition? If not can we get some sort of prompt to ask us whether or not it is okay to overwrite our cloud save OR a way to chose from cloud save files managed by MS... this would be amazing and save a lot of people from a headache when they realize their save data has been overwritten/is corrupt and they cannot do anything about it because he/she didn't have any backup aside from the cloud save which was overwritten by the corrupted save.


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