Will there be diffrent warranties for the Xbox One?

Question: Will there be diffrent warranties for the Xbox One?


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The OP's question seems vague.  Do you mean different to the 360?  It absolutely would be different.  It's a different product with different components.  

Lets hope Microsoft isn't so sure of them self of  "it just won't happen" lol

Anyway, I am sure they will start out with a 1 year manufacturer warranty, if problems arise like they did before, it will be extended like they did before. I used a credit card that offers free extended warranty and device protection. So I am good to go, I would recommend anyone that has the same option to do so.

You ask a lot of these questions but never respond, the answer, I don't know if you are doing it for your Ambassador rank or what exactly, regarding warranties though probably, I haven't heard anything.

Electronics have a standard license which Major Nelson spoke about, the consoles designed to be powered on for 10 years constantly, and I doubt this console will have any problems as it would have been rigorously tested, I personally never get extended warranties on electronics, as they are a bit of a farce, if they don't fail within the first year they generally won't fail during an extended warranty period.

I know people will bring up RROD to try and pretend they are witty, when this generation it just won't happen.