Will there be another Xbox console after the Xbox One?

The Xbox One is selling better now, but will not catch up to the PS4. Here are some reasons why:

1. I've heard that some people have regret buying the Xbox One, so it made them had to take their Xbox Ones back & brought a PS4.

2. Slightly weak hardware (the CPU is actually identical, but the GPU on Xbox One is slower than the PS4, that's the main reason why some games are not 1080p (some are 900p, few are 720p)

3. Not a lot of exclusives (is that what people buy consoles for, games that you can only get on one platform?), some Xbox One games like Ryse, DR3, & Ori can be played on PC with higher resolutions & better performance. Oh, and Microsoft can't only depend on Halo & Gears of War, people have got sick of Halo since the day 343 Industries was born, and the Gears of War community is slowly dying because of Gears of War Judgement. New IPs would always be a good idea, but the problem here is that most of them don't do too well (Sunset Overdrive for example) is because of Xbox fanboys only buying Halo & Gears of War, so blame them, not the marketing team.

4. Let's not forget the horrible reveal, the biggest reason why most former Xbox fans moved over to PlayStation, so don't blame the entire Microsoft company for this, blame Don Mattrick for focusing more on entertainment stuff than gaming.

Due to a very mixed reputation (either you love it or you hate it, but most people hated it), the Xbox One may or may not have a bright future, the Xbox One will may or may not last long. Even the diehard Microsoft fans are not helping, so Microsoft please get it together. If Microsoft can't get it together, then the Xbox brand may come to an end. This could be Microsoft's last console, again if they can't get it together, then Microsoft should just kill off the Xbox brand for good & possibly sell Halo & Gears of War to Sony. Unless Microsoft does make another console, then should call their next console Xbox Four or Xbox IV & make their next console the most powerful of its generation & make games run on either native 1440p or 4K resolutions with 60 or 90 FPS and make Xbox Live Gold cheaper ($19.99 for 3 months, $39.99 for 12 months, & $69.99 for 24 months), doing these methods will probably show Sony what Microsoft is capable of. I'm not really trolling or making comparsions, but just saying, I felt like I wanna express my thoughts on the future of Xbox brand.


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No idea what kind of hardware it'll be, but there will be another Xbox

There's a bit in the following link, about how Phil Spencer is investing in the long term future for the brand www.eurogamer.net/.../2015-08-10-putting-the-gamer-at-the-centre-of-our-decisions-phil-spencer-on-xboxs-big-year

Randver is likely right though ..

The whole digital movement is here and its taking over ..

When was the last time any of you used paper money to buy anything or even go into a store to buy something that  you can simply get shipped free overnight to your door..

The future is coming up fast and we can't stop it.

1.  I have actually heard that.  And I have heard people having regrets buying the PS4.  I have seen both returned due to various reasons.

2.  Just like the last console cycle we will see some parity.  And things will move along.  MS will sell plenty of the Xbox One and sales will exceed the 360 on a yearly basis.  Does this console get as many overall sales?  Who knows.  And DX12 will effect all hardware.  If will help.  That includes the One.  The efficiencies here will allow some nice improvements.  So this power difference point will be useless for the most part.

3.  Depends.  I have a PS4.  And the majority of what I am looking to play can be had on the One.  Including Crackdown, Quantum Break, Halo, Gears, etc.  Sure, I do have a few PS4 games I am looking forward to but they are mostly out a ways.  Holiday 2016 and beyond.  But I think in the long run MOST people are not fans of any one console.  And we will see plenty have both just like last cycle.  And that will mean that as the PS 4 peaks those people will then start considering the One for all the games they missed for various reasons.  And the cross PC play.  Then again, many buy consoles to play games.  And a lot of those people do not PC game or put the money into the hardware that will do any better compared to these consoles.  Some do however.

4.  The horrible reveal is way over.  Not sure why anyone would bring that up know.  Of course I admit you will find those less knowledgeable and disconnected people that will still think the One requires an internet connection.  I know one such person.  She purchased a PS4 and then realized how much it needed the internet as well.  Game updates/patches to fix issues and other things.

Couple of things that are important to the Xbox brand.  First is that sales for this console stay ahead of the 360 lifetime to date.  So if the One has sold more than the 360 during the same period of its life it is actually doing well.  Also, how will sales be in the long run.  This goes with the previous.  IF they stay ahead of 360 then you would expect overall for it to do better.  Not to mention the power of popular IP.  Sure, we want new.  But the thing is things like UC: Collection, Halo: MCC, Black Ops 3, Gears Ultimate, Forza, UC4, and other popular series are going to sell.  Many people want those and sales will show that those games will outsell the new IP for the most part.  So they need to be there along with the new IP.  

Another thing is that MS is pushing for the unified system.  It was obviously coming and I and others had mentioned it before.  But MS wants you to be able to use your PC, One, Windows Tablet (running Windows 10), and Windows Phone as a complete ecosystem.  We will see this pushed more and more.  And I could easily see them taking the $$ lose to get these out there.  This holiday should see some great sales.  You may ask yourself why.  Reason is they want to sell you content.  Games, movies, music.  And the best way to do that is to have devices in your hands.  Sell you games that will work on your One, PC, tablet, etc.  Or the streaming from the One to those devices.  Although cross buy is where they will pull many in due to the variables that can make streaming tough for many.  

I will say that BC is big for many I have talked with.  Parents with teenagers who have a huge 360 collection.  Adults with huge 360 collections.  It just means they can play some of those with their family/friends on the one if made BC.  Many want the COD games and things like that.  But it will help sales.

But the Xbox brand will prevail.  MS has to know they benefitted during the 360 cycle from the high $$ of the PS3 early.  And the $$ advantage the 360 carried.  Some of those people wanted PS3 but they went 360.  And those people will or have moved back to PS.  MS will work on establishing the ecosystem further.  And that will help the next console even more.

Actually before Microsoft and Sony confirmed the specs for Xbox 1 and PS4, I saw on Wikipedia something like 8th gen consoles called Xbox 720 and PS4 having a 5.0Ghz or 9Ghz processor, but those articles got taken down. The PS4 casing looked like one of those music discs when you play Minecraft on the City Texture Pack.

As for Windows 10 and PC, I'm waiting til retail stores start selling them. Better to let the manufacturers do the homework for you since they're the professionals, rather than some kid. Also when they do come out in retail stores, they should be equipped with newer processors and graphics cards, than PC's which have already been out for a while/long time. I think there will be another Xbox console after Xbox 1. If you ask me, I think the Xbox brand is a successful one and would dislike to see it die. Consoles are cheaper than buying a good PC. There are also no specs to worry about like PC requirements for games. And certain people prefer playing with a controller rather than a PC keyboard. When I do get my new PC hopefully soon, I plan on getting The Sims 4 and Minecraft PC version as several of my friends have that version. I have the pocket edition but hardly play it. Max, talking about upgrading, I have a Samsung S5 and I could upgrade it to lollipop the latest android OS. But I read people who have upgraded it have encountered bugs and want Samsung to fix it. I could have gone for iphone or the S6, but the S6 didn't come out til this year and unlike the iphone, I've dropped my S5 badly twice and it bounced like a tennis ball and is not damaged. I even used it in the rain a few times since it has an IP water resistant protection rating thing, but it shouldn't be abused. I do have a case for it.

[quote]How does a reveal over 2 years ago affect sales now...  or at all?  [/quote]

I'm still running into people that believe the X1 needs to be"always online" and you can't sell/trade-in games, and view that negatively.

Peace, J.R.  

Not really competition when all the money is going to the same company

Doubt it, in 2017 the entire world loses power ( I love Space ), I wont spoil it but yea.

We will see another 'xbox' as that is the new name for the entertainment branch of MS... It just might not be the typical console that many are used to (imo of course)

Yeah, I think at some point we will cross a barrier between broadband speed and hardware price - where we will no longer have consoles that play physical or even digitally complete media. Instead, everything will be streamed to us and ran on servers. The competing companies will have compete against faster servers that can product higher quality games and their bandwidth capabilities and deals with various service providers to increase qos delivery. At some point, we will just stream everything and since consumer hardware and their price will no longer be the issue - the data centers will upgrade at a likely faster generational rate - which will equate to faster advancements. Downsides being all that come with not having physical media, internet quality of various users, etc - but IT WILL come to that eventually.

The way I see it, it all depends on what we consider a "console".

With all the Windows integration MS are pushing for, the lines between devices are becoming blurred. I can see Xbox becoming a service (like Steam), not one dedicated device. BUT saying that... I'm sure MS will always have an Xbox branded box to sell us.

Soooo "Will there be another Xbox console after the Xbox One?" IMO in a way yes and no?

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