Will the XB1 get better?

just brought an XB1 after owning a PS4, I traded in because Im not that keen on single player exclusives Sony are releasing and Ive always owned an Xbox. I did Go to PS4 because im a gamer only and was not interested in all this XB TV and Kinect stuff. But remembering XB have Halo and Gears and soon to be Titanfall I'd thought I'd give it a go.

Anyway so far ive been left feeling this can't be all the XB1 has to show, There isn't a massive difference between looking at my old 360 games and looking at the the next Gen graphics on the XB1. Also playing BF4 (which I had and loved on the PS4) but the Graphics gap between the 2 console's are massive. I'm looking forward to Desinty but I'm fearing the worst when PS4 have it too.

I just wish XB1 was made for being a games console, I have no idea why the thought people would want to watch their Sky/Virgin/Cable through the console when they already have a box to do that and its more simpler to do that.

I do love my XB1 but I do question how far ahead PS4 will be in a few years, I doubt XB1 will get better through Patches as its lacking hardware.


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Look at 2007 Xbox 360 graphics compared to 2013 Xbox 360 graphics. As time goes on and developers become more skilled with the console's capabilities everything gets better! This is just one example of how time changes the course of a console.

Stick with, both consoles are great machines and only getting better. I'm sure that no next-gen buyer will look back and regret it in a few years time.

How GREAT was the 360 when it was released??  as good as it is now??

This whole nobody watches TV is silly... at ANY given time... when you have multiple friends online... go see what they are doing...

2 playing games

1 in messgaes

1 in upload

8 in netflix

5 in hulu/amazon

3 in watching TV

seriously... they made the right choice in going this route

Both the PS4 and Xbox One will get better. Look at Perfect Dark Zero, and then look at Gears of War. Then look at Gears of War Judgment. Same hardware, experienced devs. While I don't know if we'll get 8 years out of the Xbox One and PS4, I do think we haven't even begun to see their potential.

Xbox One is trying to cover more markets than just gaming, and with a few innovations and tricks they will probably get their wish. The price is high now, but over the coming years it will develop a lot more apps and features, and the price will be competitive to reasonable. Then common consumers will start to look at it as a practical device, that can stream Skype while watching TV, or maybe snap actors and music queues as a movie plays like IMDB X-ray. Little practical things add up, and the more things the Xbox One can do, the more it appeals to gamers and non-gamers.

As for being underpowered for Games, there are already hints of developers figuring out the complex Xbox hardware better, and even suggestions that Xbox One is about to become DirectX 12'ed which will take a lot off it's most taxing functions, and make the hardware able to breath better. Supposedly anyway, as I'm not very versed on how it works.

Anyway, the Xbox One is a fantastic Entertainment console that will have a marvellous library of games before you know it. The beginning was always going to be fraught with doubt and confusion. Plus we live in a time where anything wrong with anything has to be questioned or targeted like a Witch hunt until it's blown out of proportion.

That's definitely an agreeable comment. Although I have a smart TV and use it for most of my internet based viewing, I always seem to have a lot of friends using features like Netflix and TV so it clearly wasn't that much of a bum move, even if it does seem like a waste to some.

It would be short sighted to think it won't get better, just because the PS4 has the upper hand right now doesn't mean it will stay that way, 10 years is a long time.

And just because the X1 offers the TV stuff and Kinect stuff, doesn't make it any less of a gaming machine.

Graphics difference is far from massive. Difference in resolutions and different aa is not that.

One and Ps4 are way closer in power than was the case of 360 and ps3, but that didnt stop people loving it.

Ryse is a good example of how things can look, and i havent seen one game on the ps4 that is even close..so far that is.

People love to talk about tech they know very little of.

Just follow the games you want to play. You will have a lot more fun.

And if that is still not enough, buy a high end pc because neither of the consoles will ever satisfy if that is not enough.

WII had the upper hand last gen over XBOX 360 and PS3.  

[quote]I do love my XB1 but I do question how far ahead PS4 will be in a few years, I doubt XB1 will get better through Patches as its lacking hardware.[/quote]

Both systems are lacking in hardware when stacked against the might of a PC. The only real reason to own either console is to enjoy it's exclusives and services.

Not completely true about PC gaming. Personally, I think the power is great to those who have the income to support it but I prefer a more laid back, controller on the sofa approach to gaming, hence why I've stuck with consoles and will continue to do so.

@Op, no xbox will only get worst. Throw your oars and jump ship while we can.

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