Will the C3PO controller be sold seperate in store or online?

Hello my friend and I are wondering if this will happen? We both picked up or bundles today and only one controller for this set is lame! Id like another one so when my friends come over they can be amazed to use a gold controller! I'd like a response from xbox if i called support tmrw can I get this information or no?


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Most likely. Im pretty sure all the other limited console controllers were.  For example the gears, MW3, and halo controllers, just to name a few. I doubt support would know this, maybe of its a sales support line but I don't believe so.

I hope so. I really want that controller. I'm sure they will because like Blarga said they released them for other special editions, plus what if you broke your gold controller? Surely there should be an option to replace it.


They're releasing red, blue & silver chrome controllers, so a gold one probably isn't far behind anyway. Whether it's labled as a Star Wars C-3PO edition or not... Who knows? Personally, the last things I want are chromed controllers. Other than Kinect, the least appealing thing about the Star Wars console (for me) is the controller.

You can buy the controller on ebay. Thats all I could find.