Will somebody get a patch out for CoD4

I am sick to death of starting up multi-player on this game and seeing "[Insert Gaming Tag here: I got my infections from "[Insert site here]." Xbox should tell the Devs at Infinity War to make a patch to fix problems in both MW2 and MW1 otherwise MW3 won't be released until it has been done so.

I think that is fair and should teach other dev to actually look after the games they have made and fix game breaking mods.


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Its activision.

Infinity ward is about a 4 man team now .

It makes you wonder why so many people care so much about COD when the company that made it don't even care.

Ms has had lots of issues with Activision playing their face and asking for cash from the xbox live subscription claiming nonsense like xbox live is only popular thanks to COD, so Ms won't force activisions hand. Especially how Activision will sue for anything.

They're presently debating a claim over ModernWarfare3.com and trying to sue Valve for around 3 million dollars if not more.

Good luck - As soon as a new Call of Duty comes out, the prior is lost in the ether!

they dnt care, best way to deal with this is to not buy more cod games that will inevitably end up hacked.