Will not play video from website

Videos in MyYogaOnline.com  will  not  play  on X1.  Says  it  needs  Flash  player .



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Same with every website or 99.9% of them

xbox will start losing customers that just forked out well over 500 dollars for there system and accessories ...not very many of them accesories..its bull *** the xboxone cant even play videos online due to xbox's neglect for flashplayer! and what happened to my favorite app vevo they didnt incorporate that app for the system because its free music ...they didnt incorporate  flash player because they want people to pay to listen to music on there xbox music app which is a good app ,ill give you that ,but way over priced i demand that we get the same apps that the 360 already has and  dont get me started on games ...im already bored ....and i want the xbox one to please add flashplayer ..xbox ones internet

explorer is almost like a cheap version of windows 95 cant even play videos online

Youtube.com on the IE app works just fine for me - that should be all you need (& there's even an app for that)...