Will my bio get me suspended?

I don't know what's safe anymore. No cursing or anything in the CoC or ToS, but... who knows.


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If you're feeling whatever is in your bio COULD get you suspended. Then it probably could and you should just remove it. Just put nice things in there lol.

That's so hard for me, sir. T___T But I will change it.

I hear ya, I would like to put whatever I want as well, and maybe you can without getting caught. But, I think the risk of getting suspended far out weighs the joy I could get with a few swear words on my bio.

Keep it E rated and it should be good. No swears, no drug references, inappropriate innuendos, I think religious related things are out as well... Just, keep things of that nature out and you should be good. 

i got banned for 24 hours for having a bad word on my bio..

If you have to ask this question, odds are you should probably change it.  lol