Will Mass Effect 2 DLC be half price this month?

Prob been posted up before but I haven't been on in while.

Last month there was a poll on the dashboard for what sale offer everyone wanted and Mass Effect 2 DLC 50% off won.

So where is it?

It couldn't come at a better time because I had just bought the game when that poll started and now I've finished it I want to play the DLC and play the game again on Insanity because it is awesome, one of best games I've played in a long time.


If anyone can help it'll be appreciated :)



also does anyone still play Full House Poker? Got about 800points spare and don't know what to spend them on.


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It hasn't even been officially announced that Mass Effect 2 won the poll yet unfortunately.


They really seem to be dragging their heels on this.

ah, i think it did though. think it had about 4% higher than the second highest.

does anyone play Full House Poker?

Is it worth buying? Always wanted to learn to play Poker

I hope it is as I am going through ME:2 again before ME:3 to ensure my team all survive this time round.

And I dont have the Full House Poker, but Poker is very easy to learn. Pick it up the basics in about 30 minutes.

kool. not many of my friends can play, i'd like to be able to go to poker nights at pubs for a laugh but don't want to be trying to learn the game while other people are trying to play so thought this could be good. debating whether to get it on windows phone or xbox360. the wp7 version seems so much easier to play.

Yeh silent I picked up full house poker and I didn't know how to play but its so fun and addictive

Poker can be learnt in 10minutes. It can then take a lifetime to master.

On that topic, I cleared £300 at a poker game last night go me. Definately had some luck on my side though. And despite taking some bad beats and being rivered on more than one occasion, I still cleared up :) Needed too though, not won in a few weeks!

Poker is mainly luck and instinct is also has a tad of skill but any fool can play and knock out the best player in the world.

You need to be a good liar and have luck. And not get rivered, getting rivered hurts so much.