Will Later xbox One's have better graphic's??


Will later xbox one's have better graphics in later model's, I play Some ps4 Next Gen games see better grahic's ps4 has, Why used pc Upgradeable architecture in xbox one if not add better Graphic's. Come on A evga 750 Ti Sc & R7 260X Play titanfall pc game In 1080 p Those's Are budget graphics’ card. I'm mutli platform game console owner Like colesole's have equal graphic's, any news?


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The graphics card the Xbox One has now will be the one it has throughout its lifetime.

thanks for the answer

Yeah Vote is right. I think the way it works is they can make the system a different size and shape throughout its lifespan but the core base and the rest will remain the same with some minor improvements to ventilation (I may be wrong there)

Theyll have to make a smaller version or it will never sell in Japan.Hopefully we will see more storage capacity like we did in the later  360s

I'm pretty sure it was announced that DirectX 12 would improve the graphics quality of some games on the Xbox One.

thank's for reply's I assume Hdd will get larger and quiter fan and Smaller xbox one size in later xbox one's, I guess only steam pc console Will have many model's low to highend graphic's offer.

Graphics is a tough goal to tackle, however, consider what xbox can do to improve its social network. I want to be able to play against my friends on video with ease. The broadcasting could use some critiquing as far as streamlining its accessibility. Take a look at facebook, social networking is but a foot in the door to exploitation. Xbox needs to open the doors to social networking rather than what is has always offered, adequate graphics and feature capabilities.

That whole entire post made my night. Xbox one has the most updated graphics in all of mankind. Consoles do not have equal graphics.

Tiled resources ans th esram and dx12 will bring much better things but devs have to get thier heads round it fist, also the comment about a quieter fan, the x1 is virtually silent.

Most of the games now are just touching what the system can do graphic wise personally i can tell a big diffrence betwen 360 and the 1 been very happy with my system. No issues here