Will I get banned?

This guy sold me an account with ms points on it.  So if I use said account, I'll be banned, right?  Since I have no clue how the points were obtained, and I'm informed they were most likely obtained using illegal/fraudulent methods.


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The sale of Live accounts is prohibited as per the Terms of Use.

nice. learn new things every day.  I should've know to be honest, but my insomnia's been kicking my @@@, and i'm quite delerious ATM

when you see something too good to be true don't do it

there isn't any such thing as CHEAP money

and stick to reputable sites

actually there is such a thing, it's just un-common... like i said i'm more than a lil out of it.... i need sleep, but I can't fall asleep.  If I were to try right now, I'd just end up laying in bed for hours, just wasting time being tired and not falling asleep.  In fact, I already did that some.  but yes, most things that seem too good to be true are, but there are always good deals to be found, just gotta be careful.  It is a reputable site BTW... just so happens that the practices most likely employed by the seller are not upstanding..... I will most likely be getting a refund because I did use a reputable site and paypal.

Any site that sold you the account is not reputable.

Even if you have recovered said account if it turns out to be a stolen account or stolen MSP your console will be subject to suspension

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Don’t lend, transfer, sell, or otherwise provide access to your account to any individual. 


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