Will all games be digital download possible?

Did a bit a searching but thought I'd ask. Are all games going to have a digital download version so I don't have to buy a physical copy for the Xbox One? I've got stacks of games for my 360 but I'm ready to ditch the disk. When you've got kids like I do, those dang disks don't always wind up where they are suppose to be.

Thoughts? Comments?



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I hear that everything will be available for digital download.

And I have 3 kids so I know what you're talking about. My Wii survived all three of their toddler years, and the number of discs that went missing or got too scratched to use still makes me weep. :P

Yes, all games will be available for Digital Download, on release day of their physical counterpart

Thanks guys. I was sitting in the microsoft store looking at Dead Rising 3 and ready to hit Checkout. I was starting to get concerned that I wouldn't have anything to play since I thought it might be digital. I'm hoping since its all digital, I can just buy it when I turn on my Xbox One on Friday.

Yes but you have to download the game, which might take a while depending on your internet connection. 30GB is a nontrivial amount of data, and the MS servers will be pretty busy on launch day.

That said, I'm digital downloading all my games too to decrease clutter and risk of game damage.

I just never want to have to switch discs again lol

Yep, from the moment they release. Unless you like having physical copies, no more waiting for the postman.