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Hi guys, a little help if you can. Im looking to buy a set of wifi headphones so i can play my games and not disturb anybody, not interested in a mic for online as i never play online its just for personal use, my xbox has hdmi out only so advice and recomends would be appreciated


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If you are after a cheap pair of wireless headphones get a pair of Platronics gamecom X95's they have great sound quality, built strong and sturdy and the mic conveniently tucks away and it has a switch to turn it off the mic on the headset as well as game volume, power button and voice volume. They are comfortable especially if you play a lot. The only downside to them is the aaa battery life they only last a few days depending on usage, but if you get some rechargable aaa batteries that solves that problem. Depending on the part of the world you live in they vary in price but in Australia they are $80 Aud - $120 Aud.