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Does the Xbox One supports Wifi Direct? Please enlighten me about it


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Yes, and it means that large files can interact with your console directly without going through your home router wifi first. So think of it working like Apple tv. Your watching youtube on your iphone and you hit a screen prompt and the image is now playing on your tv by passing the router.

It is working great for me while playing ac4....I can see the map, my cargo, manage my fleet, and more....all in real time direct from the console.

havent tried that yet Todi whats the app called or is it through Uplay?

I am on an ipad, just search for ac4, there should be an official app, it should be free (at least it was for ios) Cool thing is if you are away from your console, but still have internet, you can control Kenway's Fleet mini game and earn Reals (in game currency) I did it for 4-5 days while away from home.

Thanks, im doing that right now. im always away from home so would be noce to be doing something to help my game.

as I can enable wifi direct? I live in mexico and I've tried using my cell wiifi direct to send videos and music to xbox and I can not.

Help take care!!

Please tell me how to enable wifi direct settings in windows 10 laptop